April 24, 2009

RE: Bluebird Hill Kennel

I saw a Wheaton terrier puppy in an outdoor mall about three months ago and fell in love, I talked to the owner about the breed and she was crazy about the puppy and his personality and I was interested.

I started searching online and found a few breeders. I connected with a breeder out of Dallas that had puppies and agreed to buy one. We went back and forth, but I got nervous when he would not answer my questions for days (sometimes 8-9) at a time. I know many breeders have other jobs and full lives, but I was not comfortable with the breeder not responding. I decided to look into other puppies and found Millie and Daryl. I sent an e-mail and they answered right away. I sent another and they answered immediately telling me about the puppy and e-mailing pictures. I felt very comfortable as they communicated with me so well.

April 18th I received my puppy via American Airlines. Daryl called me immediately when the puppy was put on the plane and asked that I call him when he arrived. At the airport in Florida hours later, I watched the baggage people take the kennel off the plane and just knew that he was terrified…imagine my surprise when I took the kennel and looked in and the puppy was wagging his tail and pawing the kennel…I swear he was smiling…no stress at all.

I have had my puppy…Charlie Brown…for a week now. This is the most adaptable and adorable puppy ever. He LOVES my 4 year old who is a very active kid that some animals may be intimidated by! Charlie plays when my son plays and sleeps next to my little boy when he is watching a movie. I have nothing but positive things to say about Charlie’s personality. He always has a “What are we doing now??!” look on his face, but is content to nap if we are laid back. I have four kids and everyone loves him. He has an incredible personality and is so eager to please. He has chews up a couple of shoes, but you cannot expect perfection.

I took him to the vet on Monday and he said…”there is not a puppy more healthy than this guy.” The entire time the vet was trying to look at him. Charlie was jumping wilding trying to lick the vet’s face. He is a charmer. I have found although he can be hyper, he is so easy to calm down when the family settles down for the night. I expected him to miss his mother and siblings, but he has not whined once. He does snore like a sailor after playing hard, though! You will understand when you see a Wheaton puppy run, but he has a gait like no other puppy!

I would buy another puppy from Millie and Daryl tomorrow. They provided great communication and a puppy that has a better personality than we could have dreamed of. Our puppy is awesome. Everywhere we go people want to know what kind of dog he is and love playing with him.

Best of luck

Lisa C.