Hi Millie,

I just wanted to give you an update on Dempsey (that’s what we renamed Ladd). He did really well on the car ride home and the introduction to our other Wheaten, Murphy, went about as well as I could have hoped. Both tails were wagging and eventually they started chasing after each other in the back yard. That has become quite the common occurrence, including this morning at about 6:30am before I went to work. We took him to the vet shortly after introducing him to Murphy, and they thought everything looked really good and didn’t have any concerns with his size. They are going to keep a close eye on how his teeth come in with that overbite and did mention possibly doing something with that eventually, but they recommended giving it a bit of time.
He’s done awesome with crate training and rarely whines or howls when he’s in there, and if so it is only for about a minute and he settles himself down. We have had zero accidents in the house so far, so I think that’s going better than planned so far. Now the biggest goal of mine is working on the chewing and nipping. So overall, I think things are going awesome with him so far. Today will be a bigger test with us back at work, but we’re taking turns heading home every 2-3 hours so hopefully that’ll help.
Thanks so much for such a sweet little guy and for being so great with us with the overbite situation. I’ve already had a number of inquiries where we got him because he’s so adorable and sweet, so I’ve been very quick to recommend you guys for when your next litter comes about. If you want me to write any testimonials or anything for your website, just let me know. I’ve attached a couple of pictures of him from this weekend that I thought you may enjoy. Thanks again so much. We are definitely in love with him and are overjoyed at the new addition to our family. Murphy thanks you as well. I think he found a buddy for life!