If you are trying to decide if you want to adopt (buy) a puppy from a rescue or one from a small scale breeder here is a tip which was published in the Chicago Tribune June 8, 2018

Pro tip for animal lovers: An 8 week old purebred puppy that retails for $1,000.00 or more is not a “rescue” dog, no matter what the sign next to its enclosure says.

Also read the article in the Washington post: Dog Fight published on April 18, 2018 It talks about rescue organizations going to dog auctions to purchase puppies and bidding against one another there by driving up the prices and putting more money in the pockets of large scale breeders or “puppy mills.”

THINK TWICE: Cute puppies offered by a rescue, where did they really come from????

If you are considering buying from a breeder, you may ask them to show a copy of their last inspection or you may contact the USDA or State for a copy of their last inspection. Breeders who have 3 or fewer females do not need to be licensed in the State of Iowa.

Another way to make sure you are getting a puppy from a reputable breeder is to contact their vet. A reputable breeder will have all their dogs checked by a vet at least yearly and will have their kennels inspected as well. Puppies should all be health checked by a veterinarian before going to their new homes. So the vet is a great resource because they have had a hands on inspection of the puppy.

Ask if the puppy comes with registration papers, possibly a pedigree paper and a copy of the vaccination record. Rescue puppies who come from commercial dealers and or large scale breeding facilities will likely have had their paperwork destroyed by the rescue group so that it looks like a rescue puppy.