My name is Katelyn Chrisinske and I bought Patsy, one of your Wheaton’s in December of 2016. I wanted to share an update with you on how she is doing. I have attached some pictures as well so you could see our lovable Wheatie, Marla.

Marla is the sweetest, most laid back dog around!! She loves living on our 2,000 acre farm in Michigan (we drove 9 hours to get her from you). She has a brother, Maverick, a five-year-old Yorkie who weighs three pounds. Everyday Marla gets the run of the farm, and boy does she love it! She gets baths almost daily because she gets so dirty (see photo attached of a typical day having fun and getting dirty on the farm). She has learned how to get up the stairs of nearly every tractor, and will sit in the buddy seat for hours as the tractor drives around for planting and harvest. She also is a big fan of the gator, whether that’s running behind chasing it down the farm lane, or sitting in the passenger seat for a leisurely ride. She has recently discovered hay bails and likes to lay on top of them, (see photo attached). When we are not on the farm, she goes nearly everywhere I do, even work (see photo attached). In the car, she insists on having her head out the window, and if we don’t have the child locks on she almost always finds a way to roll the window down.

Overall, Marla lives a very spoiled and fun life! She has never spent a night in her crate. From the first night we picked her up she has slept in bed with us- we had to get a king sized bed to make sure she has plenty of room because she gets so hot when she sleeps. Her favorite place to sleep is with her body on her own stack of pillows behind my pills, then she puts her head so it is touching mine, if not on top of it. Every night before we go to bed she gets brushed for 45 minutes. Also, she prefers to be carried around like a toddler on your hip so she can nuzzle right into your neck. 

Thank you again for our Marla, She has been the best addition to our family, and my husband and I can’t imagine life with her. I hope you enjoy all the photos.

Katelyn Chrisinske