Hi Millie,

Sorry I was so in shock last night I forgot to write you right away saying Lionel had made it safely.  I thought you’d like to hear this story that Lionel had a big part in! 😊

Last night I went with my boyfriend to the Seatac Delta Cargo area to pick up Lionel.  The cargo crew brought him over to me and opened the crate so I reached in and and gave him the biggest hug.  I suddenly noticed that he was wearing a collar with a dog tag on it.  I assumed it just had my information on it but then I really looked at it then read “Will You Marry Me?” on the tag.  I turned around and my boyfriend got on one knee and proposed!  It turns out that he went to the cargo area in the morning and dropped of the collar and told the crew we would be coming and they put the collar on him before we got there..  I am so happy that Lionel got to be a part of my special day.  Thanks for sending my precious puppy! ❤️