We love our Bluebird Hill puppy!


I could wax rhapsodic about our new baby, Cassidy, who has been at home with us for only five days, but I’m going to address this instead to anyone who is coming to this site, considering bringing home a Bluebird Hill pup.
I was hesitant, frankly, about selecting a puppy on the web. I mean, really – who knows what might be at the other end? It had been decades since we’d had a pup (our last dog was a rescue who came to us a year old) and our “dog bible,” Good Owners, Great Dogs (Kilcommons, 1992), suggested seeing pups with their littermates, doing “puppy tests” to learn about each one’s personality – a bunch of things we weren’t going to be able to do, since we’d already committed to “Macy” and a 12-hour drive (each way) from Estes Park, Colorado. My husband was excited but I was secretly nervous as we headed east.
I had no reason for nerves. It’s obvious from Cassidy’s great personality, loving snuggles, and sweet disposition that she was raised from birth with love and great care. On the way home, at our frequent rest-area stops, we did the puppy tests and she passed them all with flying colors. I would recommend Millie and Bluebird Hill to anyone wanting a wheaten pup.
Now for the rhapsody: Cassy has already learned sit and come and is learning down. I’m amazed! She cried the first night in the crate for a while and then less and less each night. Last night – not a peep. She’s beginning to get housebreaking; or more accurately, WE’RE beginning to remember what to watch for and how fast to get her out.
Our vet says she’s 100% healthy and praised her willingness to be examined and sweet nature. I broke my own rule about no dogs on the furniture almost the second we got home because holding her in my lap is just too wonderful to pass up. (I may regret this at some point and am willing, at the moment, to risk that!) Cassy clearly knew, even before we got home, that she was ours and we were hers. Although I’d expected the return drive to be difficult, the truth was that it was a joy – we held her, trading off, the whole way and I think that was a great bonding experience for us all. She’s happy to meet everyone, but it’s clear that she’s our girl.
Again, if you’re at this site looking for a wheaten pup, do it. Trust Millie. And we hope your new baby will bring you as much happiness as Cassidy has brought us!
Christine and Grant Fleming
Estes Park, Colorado