About Us

Welcome to Bluebird Hill Kennel!

We were both raised in Kansas and moved to Iowa in 1995. We own three acres in rural southeast Iowa and enjoy the scenery of the rolling countryside.

Our mission is to provide healthy, happy puppies for your pleasure. I am a nurse and find that my experience is beneficial in delivery and care of puppies. I have devoted my time solely to taking care of the kennel since spring of 2012.

My puppies are not simply left  kenneled and unsocialized. I bring them into the house if not raised in the house. On warm days we play in the grass. I raise them using a special neurological stimulation program designed by Dr. Carmen Battaglia that is supposed to make them better able to cope with stress and smarter. It is the same program used in TSA dogs. 

My puppies are vet checked by our local vet. Dr. Nancy Hougland. She also comes to our kennel to check my adult dogs and attend to any of their needs. And yes, my adults do know the feel of grass on their feet and the fun of playing in the snow if they feel like it. 

We are not a puppy mill. Puppy mills sell to brokers,  rescues and pet stores. We sell only to individuals because we want to know where they go. It is much more difficult to be responsible to find qualified new owners for our puppies than it is to broker them or send them to a auction where rescue groups bid the prices up and the large scale breeders makes more money than ever. 

We are inspected and licensed by the USDA and the State of Iowa. We are members of the Iowa Pet Breeders Association and attend meetings and seminars to continually learn more and keep abreast with what is new relating to our business.  We belong to a 4-Paws group that meet on bi-monthly basis to discuss issues relating to dog breeding. These members act as our support group and we share information with each other for the betterment of our business.